Thursday, 1 March 2012

marching into march?

Once again struggling to keep my eyes open.

Ridiculously excited about having a lie in tomorrow (insert mini whoop here...)

This week seems to be dragging its heels...and I'm hating getting up at a normal time each day. That's the trouble with my routine, I actually have to move my arse out of bed. Starting the day wrestling with my duvet is never fun (honestly, its such a sneaky devil, it wraps me up like a cocoon and I'm completely helpless...!)

Finally had my first appointment with my personal trainer this afternoon. I was pretty nervous, so had to have the inevitable cigarette outside the leisure centre (I'm not the greatest advert for fitness...) But it went really well and he is going to do whatever personal trainers with me for the next 6 weeks. He asked if I had any goals....little bit of a difficult question for me, but I decided that just helping my general stamina improve would be ace. And if I get abs like Rhianna in the process, well that's just a bonus.

When I'd spoken to him on the phone he had a strangely ********** voice, but my friends assured me this means nothing. How ****** they were! Oh ****, its going to be tricky ************** with ** ******* standing ***** ** **..   (content deleted due to the fact I'm now friends with my trainer on facebook and I dont want him to read this!)

I really need to dig out some trainers actually. Not entirely sure that I have any...although I have a massive shoe collection, they're not always the most practical. Ooo I've got my converse, can you wear those in the gym? They're kind of trainer things I think...or maybe they're pumps. Hmm need to research this footwear dilemma. I dont really want to buy any...unless you can get pink trainers? That would be pretty snazzy. I dont want big ugly gym looking things on my feet, but pink would bring in an element of Sooz...and it would help me enjoy going if I had nice shoes to wear. I know that sounds weird, but hey, that's just me. Its all in the (pink) detail. Ha!


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