Monday, 2 January 2012


Just got quite excited looking at my blog statistics....

December 2011 had the most hits on record! Over 3000 page views!

Hurrah for that!

Big hello and thank you to all my followers, old and new.

It blows my mind (not literally you understand, that would be terribly messy) that you still take time out of your day to read my witterings.

And I do love seeing where in the world people are accessing my blog. It makes me feel like I have Internet superpowers, when actually, all I have to do is press a button. Still pretty cool though. Nerdy cool, geek chic perhaps...

This week I have readers in South Korea, the Philippines and Russia (as well as many other countries that sound a little less exotic...) If I could speak those languages, then I would say hello, but I can't. In fact I'm not at all multi lingual. I can manage a tiny bit of German..."Mein Hamster is gestorben...Mein uhr is kaput" You get the picture. Both utterly useless phrases. Unless your hamster really has died at the same time your watch breaks...Oh and I can also manage a smidge of  French, "Ma petite petite champignon..." The greatest compliment anyone can receive I think. My little flower, my little mushroom. It sounds so much better in french though....Phrases worth hanging onto though...Just in case...

Actually, I shouldn't of started on this whole language thing..because I'm totally crap, and I always wanted to be better. And now my brain is spiralling thinking of ALL the things I can't do. Which is A LOT. Its that cursed black dog again. He just loves to remind me of all my failings and flaws. Telling me why I'm an utterly useless waste of space. ARGH.

Oh bugger.

What on earth is going to happen to me this year????



  1. The rest of the Black Dog Tribe will help you to get through this x

  2. Your German is great. If not bizzare. Your Black Dog is irriating me. I call my dog 'Zecken' or "A flee" in English. Theres loads of them. Cloudingy judgement laughing at my dreams playing my Angel. They need a spray.