Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Been putting off writing today's entry for the last 2 hours. In that time I've managed to watch the latest episode of TOWIE (ultimate guilty pleasure), have a fag, stalk a few people on facebook and tempt myself with some clothing bargains on Asos....

Not entirely sure why I've been putting it off so much. I guess its just been a bit of a nothingy kind of day. Not interesting. Non eventful.... Which isn't even true actually because I did meet up with my mental health social worker....And I have got loads of things to do...

Perhaps I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. And mildly disheartened. At my meeting today I revealed to her a goal I want to achieve within the next year. She encouraged me, saying it was great, but practically speaking it might not be possible. Which makes me feel a bit back to square one. I never think about the future, it freaks me out entirely, but this one goal actually got me a little bit excited...something to aim for...and now I feel like its never going to happen. Nothings going to change and I'm going to be stuck here forever. ARGH.

(By the way...I'm not going to tell you what the goal is, because I now feel entirely moody and secretive about it all....bugger...)


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