Friday, 27 January 2012

oh i just cant help the randomness

Yay for eating my first proper meal of the week. Hurrah, hurrah!

Was a little bit of an effort but Mama pig knows that chinese lemon chicken will tempt even my tensed up tummy.

Lovely walk along the waterfront in Bristol again today. Fresh air and exercise is so good for my brain. I just feel like every time I breathe I'm drinking in all the goodness, and its making the horrible depression a little bit less powerful.

However, I did trap my finger in the toilet door  and it still really hurts. Just a small mini drama, although Mama pig is still insisting that I was howling like a baby (she should be thankful I wasn't cursing, which is what I wanted to do...) The finger in question is a tiny bit purple now. Hmm. Doesn't actually look that bad. I hope the nail doesn't fall off though. That happened to my best friend Laura once. We were out clubbing and some mean person trod on her toe. When we got home it was black and then the nail fell off in the morning (its grown back now though, you'll be glad to hear...) It was really quite gross. And I think pretty painful. (Sorry Laura, really don't know how I ended up writing about your toe nail...)

Ooo the random twitterings of my brain.

I think I need space. To be in a place where others are not. bed....!