Sunday, 29 January 2012


Such a sleepy girl. Again. Yawnsville.

Had an accidental catnap on the sofa this afternoon. Felt a bit naughty really....shouldn't be sleeping in the day. But at least I didn't actually go back to bed. And I did redeem myself by going for a walk afterwards.

Think the diet coke is running through my veins again.

Having a very U.G.L.Y day today. Yuk. I would quite like a face transplant please. How do some people look gorgeous all the time? Its just cruel. I went for a walk yesterday afternoon in my wellies, no makeup and I cant even remember what I was wearing but probably a hoody, and I bumped into this beautifully made up lady. She was so glamorous, wearing a gorgeous fur coat and matching hat, perfect hair and makeup AND she had a baby with her. How did she do that?? Its not fair!! I had crazy hair and the beginnings of a pimple. Curses. Double curses.

Maybe I should stop my moaning....I just want to look in the mirror without having the urge to scratch and tear my skin off. I know other people say that I'm not horrible looking, but they say that to make me feel better, or if they're guys because they're after something. Oh dear thats very synical. But I'm pretty sure its true.

Oh fuckity this is not making me feel any better.

Going for a fag....



  1. behave! your fit. just accept it. :)

  2. haha you crack me up dan, i will try and behave. promise!xx