Sunday, 22 January 2012

big bit of HOPE

Back in the nest and feeling sleepy.

Had such a lovely weekend with the gorgeous Marianne. So relaxing, and nice to explore a new town too. Felt like a little adventure.

 Her spare bed was also amazing, I was quite tempted to steal it, as the mattress actually felt like it was giving me a hug. A new experience for me. Takes my love affair with beds to a whole new level.

Woke up this morning to find a text with the most exciting news, my best friend Laura got engaged last night! Its amazing how someone elses good news can have such an effect on you. I have been grinning non stop all day and I cant stop singing, "I'm getting married in the morning, ding dong the bells are going to chime!" Ha ha. Even though its not me, the song just seems very appropriate for Laura and Joe!

Having things to look forward to help me massively with my day to day progress. Whether its a lunch date in Bristol, a weekend away with friends, or catching up with family, all these things give me a reason to keep fighting. They give me something to focus on. Knowing that I have something pleasurable in the pipeline makes the painful and dark days much more bearable.

So to now know I have an amazing wedding to look forward to, just gives me an extra injection of hope. And also Laura, if you're reading this, its not just the actual day I'm excited about, its of course all the organising too!

It also gives me hope that true love does exist. Laura and Joe couldn't be more suited to one another. They're sometimes so similar its scary, and other times I think thank goodness they're different as they compliment one another so well! They've had their ups and downs like every couple, but ultimately, they're best friends. And when I see them together having a sneaky kiss, gazing into each others eyes (when they think no-one else is looking) I know that they've got an unbreakable bond.

I'm now welling up for the second time today...what a soppy romantic I am....And just to be even more of a loved up friend...this song is for you...Laura and Joe, thank you for making my day xxx


  1. So glad to hear that you've had a great weekend, and with such fantastic news!

    Yay for the happy vibes :) x