Saturday, 10 December 2011

listen to your body

One of the most IRRITATING things about being unwell, is having to listen to your body. To know when to rest, and to take time out, but also know when you should push yourself, and get out of your comfort zone.

Its not been the best of weeks, and I think having this nasty cold virus hasn't helped my brain. Its an easy gateway for the black dog to creep in.

I really wanted to go away this weekend, but I've had to be a sensible girl and admit that actually, I'm not strong enough to go. I hate making those kind of decisions!


This is just going to be another tiny entry because when I was going to bed last night I had an idea for a story. It wont go away so I must go and write it down before I forget about it! I'm quite excited actually, its going to be a little story for my nephew Joshua....involving gardens, a bit of magic and several fussy pheasants...

Intrigued? Me too...!


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