Tuesday, 6 December 2011

lets dance

Smashed the 20,000 hits target today! Many thanks everyone :-)

I've had some lovely messages of encouragement over the last few days. And they really have made a difference. Just to know that I'm not the only one out there suffering is a huge reassurance. Its so humbling to realise that people are sending positive vibes my way, I don't really deserve them, but I'm massively grateful. Thank you.

I managed to get my arse out of the house today and do something mildly productive. Felt quite proud of myself for once. Especially as I surfaced before 9am, for me that's truly impressive.

This afternoon another gem of a song popped on the radio and I couldn't help but dance wildly round my bedroom. It brought back memories of VK apples, crazy dance moves, losing all my friends in the union, and seeing lots of random sheep everywhere. And if you didn't go to Loughborough Uni on a Wednesday night then you may not quite understand, but I'm pretty sure you will have experienced something similar....

So turn up the volume, wave your arms in the air, stamp your feet, but most importantly, wiggle that bum.....!


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