Monday, 26 December 2011

don't let go

Absolutely exhausted.

I threw myself into yesterday as much as I possibly could, and now I'm finding it hard to move. In fact, I've barely made it out of my bed today. Whoops. Although I think I'm allowed this one whole day in bed, as a Christmas treat. A reward for making it through yesterday in one piece.

Just about anyway.

Well, no broken bones, I think its just my brain that's turned to jelly, but I'm hoping its nothing too permanent.

Not really sure how I managed to cook Christmas dinner for 7. But weirdly, it kept me fairly sane and distracted from everything else.

And now I'm sat here faffing around on you tube, listening to a tune that I'd forgotten about. I probably have written about it before, but never mind. Any song that has my name in it, is always a hit with me...(except for the Yogi bear and Susie bear song, so rude!) But the lyrics in this song really hit me straight between the eyes, and I need that sometimes. They're words that resonate so strongly with me, and I hope others can hear them too.

Don't let go.
Never give up.


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