Friday, 14 October 2011

knit knit knit

I'm in the middle of a frenzied knitting session.

Wool everywhere.

I keep on finding it in my hair actually, which really isn't a good look.

My new 'collection' (haha that makes it sound really professional, when in actual fact, my sewing is appalling) includes varied colours and sizes of baby/ children's hats.

Varied in size because I'm not a perfectionist.

Varied in colour because I was kindly donated lots of wool, which are quite random.

Bright and bold is an understatement. Two of the hats are a dazzling fluro orange, and so would suit a little raver baby perhaps. 

I'm helping to organise a jumble sale in a couple of weeks, so thought people might possibly be enticed to buy my crazy baby hats.

Which is a chance for me to plug this amazing event actually (Kim will be proud of me)...

Saturday 29th October 10am-1pm
Blagdon Village Club
All proceeds going to Children's Hospice Southwest.

Its going to be immense. I'll probably do a little bit more chatting about it nearer the time, but you really should make a space in your diary. Jumble is massive. Enough said.

Anyway its been quite good for me to have a little project and something to focus on, so I'm quite thankful for that.

In the time that I've spent off work my knitting hasn't really improved all that much, but it is a very good way of de-stressing's ones mind. I can highly recommend it.


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