Saturday, 15 October 2011

Elizabeth Town

Well, seeing Harry from McFly dancing with his shirt off certainly perked up my Saturday night!


Oh dear, I think I might be turning into a Strictly addict.

Ah well. There's worse things I could have cravings for...


Yesterday I watched one of my favourite films, Elizabeth Town. If you havent seen it, please do so immediatly.

And seeing as I havent been too cheesy for a while, I've decided tonight is the night to open up a bit of gorgonzola .

I've attached a clip from the final scene of the film. The quality is utterly awful, but stick with it.

It might be stating the blatently obvious.

But I need that.

I need things to remind me my life is worth living.

To nudge me in the right direction.

And most importantly its reminded me that I have chosen LIFE


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