Saturday, 22 October 2011

I heart America

Ooo just had a bonfire in the garden with my dad. Love bonfires. Not that I'm pyromaniac or anything. I just get quite excited about burning things... (Yeah, that's probably what a pyromaniac would say too, oh well...!)

I love the smokey, woody smell, and the colourful dancing flames. The way the fire has a mind of its own, cracking and spitting sparks. Jumping around like its having a wail of  time. And its so warm. Toasty in fact. Anything that warms me up has to get my vote.

When I was doing Camp America three years ago, I spent a considerable amount of time sat round a camp fire. Lighting the fire became one of my favourite tasks first thing in the morning. When no-one else was around, and I could enjoy a moment of quiet. Ah bliss. Not that it lasted long! Ha. And it wasn't much fun with wet wood either, when I would spend most of the time cursing the flipping thing and flapping around with a plate.

In the evenings we would often make s'mores. Which are melted marshmallows sandwiched between gram crackers and chocolate. Quite delish and utterly fattening. (I don't think I spelt gram crackers the right way. I think you spell in graham. Maybe?) Hmm its not really important. But I used to like calling them Graham crackers anyway.

Ooo I have a craving for those Graham boys now.

And a craving for America.

Somebody take me back please...


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