Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Postal and virtual hugs


As I look back on it now..this has been a day full of surprises.

And they were all good surprises too. Which is always a bonus....

Firstly, a package that I had been expecting for quite a few days finally fell into my little paws. And a letter too. Lovely. Reunited with my rosary beads. My wrist no longer feels naked.

Secondly, another package appeared on my doorstep. This one contained a really interesting book about Georgia O'Keefe, an amazing artist who used colour and shape to express her feelings. I had a little read this afternoon, and just looking at the paintings really relaxed my mind. It also has got me into thinking about this other book by Kandinsky called 'The Spiritual in Art'. Methinks I shall have to purchase a copy as it looks right up my street. So that was a surprise, within a surprise..thank you Fiona :-)

And now I cant really remember the other surprises.......

I was feeling so tired yet restless this afternoon. Such an annoying combination. Especially when you mix a huge black dog into the equation. Bastard.

So that wasn't really a surprise. That was a normal occurrence in the world of Sooz..

Oh yes... I just remembered my last surprise of the day....!

Popped onto Skype, and who was online? The fabulous Miss Abbi. Whom I haven't spoken to for yonks and yonks. So good to hear her voice. And totally unexpected. A kind of virtual hug from around the world.


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