Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Get it in your brain Sooz

How many times do I have to ram this into my teeny tiny little brain???

Think about today Sooz. This moment. Now. Concentrate on it.

Stop thinking about tomorrow, next week, next month.

It is a waste of energy.

A waste of your braincells.

I can't cope thinking about tomorrow so I just need to stop thinking about it.


But its so annoying!!!

Why does it stress me out so much...why why why why why why why!!!

On a different note, I just enjoyed my first glass of red wine and I feel very sophisticated and mature... However, that sentence would probably make more sense when referring to a person who doesn't have a green skipping rope with frogs on the handles......

(I can feel judging eyes upon me. Please desist. I'm not going to pay flippin £10 for a high tech all singing all dancing rope. £1.25 is where its at... and that's the one advantage of being vertically challenged...yes yes yes.....)

I may go and do a bit of skipping now actually.

Relieves tension.

Something anyway...and plus the frogs are pretty cool...


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