Monday, 2 May 2011

Yum yum in my tum

Right. No word of a lie. I may have just created and eaten the most delicious meal ever. Fact.

Now I am by no means a culinary genius. Neither am I a connoisseur of fine cuisine (I can usually be found eating oreos, salt and vinegar chipsticks, sausage rolls, marmite get the idea..) But the dinner I just made myself was absolutely out of this world.

And the reason that made it even more groundbreaking is that after a busy day I sat in the car and I actually quite fancied something to eat. This is a rare occurrence. But the beginnings of flavours started whizzing around my brain and jumping onto my tongue. Not only did I quite fancy something to eat, but I actually got off my arse and made it.

I sometimes find even deciding what to have for breakfast a huge trial. Or at lunchtime, the sandwich filling dilemma is a nightmare for me, which is why I usually go for spreadable things. Marmite, honey, jam. Taste good. Nice and easy.

Now I don't want you to think I'm lazy or anything. I'm not. And I need to remind myself I'm not. Its just the black dog makes even the smallest things take a superhuman amount of effort.

And so it was with the sounds of Seasick Steve, and a glass of vino in my hand that I chopped some stuff and got stuck in. No rush. No fuss. Just me in the kitchen. Making some dinner. Hurrah hurrah.

(With the added bonus of some lactose free cheese. Genius. Thanks Liz)


P.S recipe available on request...


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  2. Was it pasta, toms and bacon? You seemed quite into that earlier. I am not Seasick Steve but I am sunburned St. I removed the earlier post because spelling was so poor.