Monday, 23 May 2011

Hafa Adai Guam

Someone is reading my blog in Guam! I don't even know where that is. How ignorant. But also very exciting. It sounds like a magical place.

Hello sir/madam in Guam. I hope things are ship shape and shiny.... Hafa Adai..(means hello apparently....)

Oooo...Yes I have got totally gotten googled distracted by the most gorgeous photos of the beaches in Guam. Jealous.

I miss the sea.

I'm having a little break up to the midlands next week. So not really near the sea. But it does not matter. Not one bit. Because it will be a change of scenery which will be really good for me. A little mini break if you will. Mix things up a bit. See how I cope. Could be interesting....

 At the moment I'm trying to control my anxiety by having to keep on writing millions of lists so I don't forget my toothbrush, or medicine, or knickers, or ipod or a piece of my brain maybe...?!

So many things that could be forgotten. I find packing a little stressful. And going anywhere in general really because I have to keep checking I have everything in my bag oh about twenty trillion times. My friend Char said I should have a list in my head. Excellent advice. But what if I forgot to put something on my list in my brain? Then it wouldn't get checked. Tricky. Very tricky.

This is making me feel a little stressed actually. So gonna stop typing.

Excellent idea.


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