Friday, 29 April 2011

A right royal distraction

It was good to have a distraction today. And I don't think you can get a distraction that's any bigger than a Royal Wedding....

Whenever I visit a new country, after a couple of days, I nearly always wish I was that nationality. That doesn't sound like it makes sense... Not very well written.... What I mean is, when I was in Ireland I wished I was Irish, when I'm in France I want to be French, just so I can talk all sexy and cool. When I was in America I became so immersed in the culture I would start singing Star Spangled Banner and referred to the toilet as the bathroom....trrrruee story...!

Wherever I am, I always have nationality envy. I always see other countries as being so much more interesting than ours, so much more exciting. Britain just seems so sensible. Our language is sensible, our shoes are sensible (well not mine personally) and our weather is boringly sensible. Not that I'm hoping for a tornado tonight. Its just never really hot. Or really cold. And Britain is pretty small. Titchy really. We don't have deserts. Or rainforest's. Or huge mountains. Everything is pretty average. Pretty normal. And compared to other nationalities I think we are averagely boringly sensible.


Today was an exception to my rule. Today I was pretty pleased to be British. Yes I waved my flag. Yes I was drinking champers at 11am on a Friday. Hurrah. I also somehow ended up wearing a hideous 1980's wedding dress complete with veil, to add to the sheer momentous occasion. And I was proud to be British. Today we were the nation that ever other country envied (apart from Princess Beatrice and Eugine, oh heaven help their dress sense, someone send them a stylist please!) We weren't just averagely boringly sensible. We were exciting. Oh yes we were... And apart from all that...I have actually met the Queen herself (not a lookalike and not just the waxwork at Madame Tussads....the real live breathing, handbag clutching, crown wearing Queenie..!) I have curtsied to HRH Queen Liz and touched the royal hand (and she also grasped mine too, lucky her..)

And now I have had my fill. Enough wedding talk for today. I have run out of wit. I am sleepy yet restless (again...urgh so frustrating...)


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