Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A trip down memory lane

Ooooo I'm scared. Have just uploaded some very old and very amusing photos onto facebook. Some of them are 10 years old now....Back in the days of hanging out at the park...going to too many parties...and generally having a blaady good time. I have just texted a couple of lovely ladies to pre-warn them, and got a reply saying "Why why why?" To which I replied, "Because I love a trip down memory lane..."

Ahh! Yikes. I look hideous. We all look hideous. But you know, its kind of funny.

I mean I still have my nose stud, but I used to wear a ring in my nose! What was that about? And the hugely baggy jeans that kept falling down flashing my pants to everyone. And the giant DC or Etnies trainers, that were also constantly flopping off my feet because it was too uncool to have them laced up. Oh yeah. Not forgetting the rucksack (I always lusted after an Eastpak bag but never got my wish..) which you had to wear on both shoulders. Then was the slightly strange hairstyles...boys tended to go for lots of gel, and spikes. Girls, well, speaking purely for myself, my hair was just a little bit wild really. I loved having these kind of messy Princess Layla style buns. I'm not sure I really pulled it off. And then was the jewellery. I vividly remember it all always taking me twice as long as anyone else to get ready for P.E because of the amount of bracelets I wore. Seriously, I don't know how they didn't weigh me down. Practically speaking I'm sure they held me back. But I loved them, and I would not desist!

And I really shouldn't forget the hoodies. God bless the hoodies. Man, I had so many. They were never the right size of course. Oh no. That was not the look. They had to be over sized. Considering I'm quite a little lady (164 cm to be precise...) I always always used to buy size large. I was swamped in fabric. I was wearing jeans that you could probably fit another person down, and a jumper that also you could probably fit another person in...! I remember my personal favourite had the slogan 'I must not chase boys' written on it about 20 times. Ah. The wit. I still have it actually. And it still comes down to my knees.

Will finish this after tea xxxxx

Had my tea. Cant think of anything else to write really... Had a bad headache all day and feel so knackered and drained. Also worrying that maybe I think too much about the past instead of realising whats going on in the present. Urgh. Nah. Don't want to slip down that slope...

Just remember, laugh and enjoy Sooz.....


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