Friday, 15 April 2011

Lemon chicken and excitement

Just eaten a whole plate of lemon chicken. Not really sure how healthy that is. Can I count the lemon sauce as one of my five a day? The good news is that I'm eating more...the bad news is I'm such a fussy little lady that I'm only munching on  the things I like....(but who really goes around eating things they hate? hmm this point I could make a list of all the food I think tastes like feet but really, in retrospect I don't think it would be terribly interesting, and would result in a feeling of nausea, both for me, and you...) I'm sat here with a feeling of excitement surrounding me. It doesn't happen very often. Actually I cant really remember the last time I felt this excited. Mind you, I cant really remember what happened yesterday so that's not really substantial evidence.....But this is definitely a time for excitement. And hope. Yes indeed because this afternoon my favourite couple in the whole world (apart from Kermie and Miss Piggy) popped in to see me and not only that but this evening I have my three lovely bestest girls coming to see me for the weekend.....hurrah! A little bit of a milestone I think.

The cupboard is stocked....the wine is chilled (well it will be when I put it in the fridge...)...the trashy magazines are ready and are my hundreds of nail polishes and interesting new facemasks (chocolate fudge detox anyone?)...

I cant wait......


(p.s I want to say that this feels like a bit of normality in my crazy life...but that would be completely wrong considering how nuts the girls are! hahaha) big love xxxxxxx

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