Sunday, 17 April 2011

Last night

Well if three lovely ladies hadn't stopped me, then this would have been written at approximate midnight last night. And thank goodness they did.....Because I think it would of gone something like this....

ooooerrr cant see the screen properly. have to keep one eye closed in orderrr totne tipe. i mean tyyyowpe. wow i look like a pirate. oooops sooo manyb speelling mistalekdmss. maybve i shoujolnt be wreiting this. tryin g hard not to spill wine on computer. it has takenm me half an hour to write this muchh. i'm going to stop. whooops. whereds my phone? oh nooo did i locjk the front dooor? love fran. love laura. love ruth. so funny. facemasks hilariouss. raccially inappropritate. did we win taboo? Yes! paper snowa ghost! oh dear. ha ha ha. the enddd. xxxxx

Lesson learnt...remember that your medication has been increased and drinking copious amounts will result in headache. ouch. you're only a little person Susie. Whoops.

Totally worth it though... and  black dog was under control. hurrah


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