Thursday, 31 March 2011


Feeling so so so so restless.

Considering going for a run.....which is crazy seeing as I don't believe it running (I mean, why not just walk fast?!) But it might release a bit of this pent up energy and frustration that seems to be travelling around at top speed through my body....Maybe should wait a little bit for the dinner to go down before setting off. Vomit in the street probably not the best idea....What do people wear to go jogging/running/fast walking? Shorts, sweatpants? Should I wear a jumper? Will I get cold..? And actually have I got any trainers?! Can you run/jog/fast walk in converse high tops? I'm thinking yes. Ooo my hair is looking a little wild this evening though. But maybe I could put on a hat. Tempting. Yes a hat. Oh my vanity is ridiculous. I think some hardcore dance music turned up to the MAXIMUM would be pretty ace though. (Ace... yeah I can't stop saying it now...)

We shall see..this is probably going to be one of my ideas that never happens. Yesterday I decided I was going to walk into the village, buy some ingredients and then make a cake....It started I played scrabble instead. But in my head, I made the most excellent chocolate cake. Delish and imaginary...what a winning combination...

Had counselling this morning. All very helpful. But so so so tiring.......


Still hating this extra hour of daylight!!!!! Someone turn the light off please and let it be dark. Muchos grazias.

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