Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Possible misinterpretations...

Haven't done much spinning (thats spinning on the spot in a field, listening to an ace tune, not that scary bike thing people do at the gym...) for a while. So raced up the field this afternoon and had a good little spinning session. Almost fell over a couple of times. And that equates to some excellent spinning work. Ha. Wind was blowing in my face. I have to say, I do like that feeling. (And for the record that's wind as in weather...not the smelly kind...otherwise that sentence could have a completely different meaning....)

Hmmm that paragraph is full of possible misinterpretations! I do strive for clarity on every level..and honesty....Its the best way...Defo. Fa Shizzzzzz....

By the way..if anybody out there has got some amazing music they want to share with me... Then please, do tell. Don't keep it to yourself. Let me know. I need some new music in my life.

Did quite a bit of painting earlier. I'm so glad I've rediscovered painting. It takes me away from everything.... Counselling tomorrow and I'm going to take some of my paintings with me. Should be interesting! My counsellor was asking me how I saw myself, how I visualised Sooz. So I have painted/drawn/scribbled something. Its pretty weird. When she was asking me to visualise myself I couldn't do it. I couldn't see a body, or a face, nothing. Bizarre. All I could see was a big grey rock, in the middle of nowhere, which then transformed into a curled up body, and then back into the rock.

Oh dear. Not sure if I should of written all that. Because its super strange. And doesn't mean anything. But kind of interesting at the same time. Maybe. Hmmm. Delete? delete?

Nah..written it now..and don't want to forget all that to be honest....and after all..that's the point of writing it down......!




    Goes well with ab crunches!!!

  2. it!! What a tune, thank you :-)