Tuesday, 15 March 2011


So today instead of swearing my head off I will try and use words such as 'oh curses' 'blaaady hell' 'rats' 'knickers' 'swine' etc etc....

It has been a blaaady horrible day. Made even more flippin annoying because yesterday I really felt like I was making some progress. And then everything just comes up and bites you on the arse again. CURSES!

Oh nuts. I really am trying to control myself....Oh drat. Fiddlesticks. Poppycock.

Its always a particularly bad sign that the big black dog has taken control when at 3 o'clock in the afternoon I'm still in my dressing gown. My duvet is stuck over my head, I have a banging headache that won't go away, and I haven't eaten any lunch.

I think my parents would both like to burn my dressing gown. They hate it... I love it. It is warm and pink and cosy. And most importantly it has a hood. Yes a hood. Every good dressing gown should have one. If I could I would go out and about the village in my dressing gown. I realise I may get some strange looks, but curses, who the blaaady hell cares, because that dressing gown is always there to snuggle me up. Apparently its always a bad sign when I have the hood up. I'm not entirely sure why....I think I like it because I feel like I'm hiding under it...So they will never tear me away from it...never!!

Anyway you will be pleased to know that I have now in fact got some clothes on (not that I ever blog naked..I just meant I have momentarily detached myself from the pink gown.) And I have been for a walk.

Thank flippin heck this swine of a beastly day has finely come to its darned end......



  1. Can I just confess. I have blogged naked.

  2. Yes you can confess..Oh wait..you just did! I won't tell anyone, your secret is safe with me...and the rest of the internet:-p