Sunday, 20 February 2011

Waves and Wales

I am currently sat typing this in a little games room, in a hotel, in Wales.

I have been whisked away by my family for some rest and re cooperation.

Anxiety levels have been going into overdrive but I'm so proud that I've made it. I'm here, I've survived the journey and I've survived the change of scenery.

And boy oh boy, is the change of scenery amazing. My room (that I'm sharing with my Grandma, hilarious stories to follow this week....) overlooks the sea. Beautiful sandunes, a glimpse of sunshine and the endless rush of the waves.

Nature, space, air, sea, sky, sand, air, breeze, water, space.........medication that can't be taken in tablet form, but is needed in just the same way.....


1 comment:

  1. Fill your days with warmth and light Susie, and remember all the people who care about you and wish you well. Enjoy your r & r!