Monday, 11 July 2016

Mind vs Body

Just checked my blog stats and absolutely amazed that although I'm not writing on here regularly, people are still reading, thank you! 

I hope you've been able to decipher my ramblings and maybe even find a little comfort.

Last night I didn't sleep (which is always rather irritating) but it was especially irritating last night as my brain was spiraling into the most horrible of circles.

Before I divulge what was going through my brain, I should give you the current back story; that I have been trying/failing, to lose weight and get fit. At the weekend I weighed myself and I have gained 2 stone in 2 years, which was something of a shock and I pretty much fell off the scales.

Anyway, the conversation I was having with myself in bed went something like this....

Susie 1: "Right, I need to stop messing around and just go on another diet and get a personal trainer and become superwoman."

Susie 2: "When would you ever have time to do any exercise? You're constantly knackered Also you don't like feeling out of breath as it reminds you of having a panic attack."

Susie 1: "Just do it. You have fat legs and your clothes don't fit."

Susie 2: "It takes all my energy to look after my brain and keep that healthy. I don't think I have room in my head to keep my body healthy as well, its too much!"

Susie 1: "You've forgotten that exercise will help your depression. Get it sorted!"

Susie 2: "Honestly I'm too tired, I need to concentrate on looking after my mind."

Susie 1: "But if you lost weight then you would feel better about your body."

Susie 2: "Nah, don't think so, no matter what I weigh I would still hate the way I look."

And so the debate continues. 

I think keeping my mind healthy is the most important, but keeping active would also help my mind. I just need to stop myself getting obsessed with it all.

Which is what I'm already doing.

When I haven't even done anything.

Classic Sooz!

A balance between the mind and body would be perfect.

But perfection is pretty impossible to achieve.

Especially when you're a perfectionist...........!



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