Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mantra time

I hate it when writers use cliched phrases, but I am just about to use one, so please forgive me....

The last few weeks have been something of a roller-coaster ride. (Oh I really do hate that cliche, but my brain is struggling to find another suitable phrase.)

There have been amazing ups.....Getting the keys to our new house, YIPPEE! And also spending time with my sister, bro in law and nephew (playing on the slippy side was such fun.)

But there have also been quite a lot of days when I've just been fighting to get through each hour.

Its like waking up in the morning and being surrounded by heavy dense fog. Its everywhere, you cant get away from it. All you can do is  desperately try and find your way out of it. 

You logically know that the fog will eventually disappear, but when you're surrounded by it, you feel lost. You have to keep telling yourself to reach out for things that will help you find your way back into the light. 

Those things might be listening to a certain song, going for a walk, texting a friend, telling someone your brain has gone a bit wonky, or maybe even just giving yourself a little bit of space.

Before I started working again, I used to have several mantras that would help me through those foggy days. 

Last week I realized that I hadn't looked at them for a long time, and so I decided to write some new ones.

Here are a few of them.....

Don't worry about tomorrow.

Concentrate on today.

You are valued.

Look after YOU.

Let any negativity wash over you.

It might seem silly, a bit daft and maybe cheesy, but I've found them a really helpful tool. And maybe you will too....


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