Friday, 21 February 2014


Got some stuff whirling round my brain, but unsure how to put it all into words....may have to wait until I've processed it a little more, as at the moment my brain is a bit like H and M on the first day of the sale. Messy.

And I honestly cant write more than that tonight. I want to. But, I just need to work some things out. Not really sure how my brain is going to do that. Probably time and space is the best bet.

Before I go, top tip for anyone in the Bristol area, if you ever want to find some tranquillity, go to Arnos Vale Victorian cemetery. Sounds a little bit of an odd place to visit, I know, but its so quiet, interesting, beautiful and I really found a little bit of peace up there. (You can walk up a big hill, and see right across Bristol, stunning views....)

After losing 3 friends in the past 6 months, it somehow felt right going there. I've found it so hard to deal with the loss and pain of each friend passing away. I've felt angry, upset, and quite scared at how life can change suddenly. But being at Arnos Vale brought me some balance and peace.  The scales shifted slightly. I cant explain it more than that, and I know it sounds weird. It was just the right thing to do...and it helped. 


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