Friday, 14 February 2014

Some people don't believe....

Just had to momentarily tear myself away from the winter Olympics.

I am totes obsessed.

Especially as we've now won a gold medal!


I keep on singing, "Some people say you know they cant believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team!"

Even though its not the normal bobsleigh, and I'm singing it for GB not Jamaica, I still think its relevant....Maybe I just need to remind myself that I'm not in the film Cool Runnings. Oh how I love that movie.


What else.

Nope. That's it.

I cant stop singing it.

"Some people say you know they cant believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team!"


Oh I remember what I was going to say now.... I wasn't going to mention it, but it has come to my attention that its valentines day. Now, I've never been a massive valentines fan, but it does have its perks (like fish and chips for tea with Mr B.) But what I do remember, is how much I hated it when I was single.

Not because I was desperate for a boyfriend, but it just seemed such a smug coupley day, and I thought there should be an equivalent for single people! I always wanted to rip down all the hearts from the shop windows, cut off the tops of the flowers and stamp on the chocolates. Quite an extreme reaction, but I promise I never actually did any of those things...honestly.

So, if you're single, and full of valentines rage, let me reassure you that I understand. Let me also say, that even though you think you may never find 'the one' , life can change when you least expect it.

I hope I don't sound patronising or condescending, I would hate to be that. I just know how irksome this day can be. That  although its a day to celebrate love (which I think should be all love, friendship, family, whatever) its actually a day that can make you feel quite alone. I know, cuz I've been there, and wanted to punch all the loved up couples in the face.

Its possible that I have forgotten what my final point was....So let me pass over to Sanka instead and we can enjoy a bit of Jamaican love!


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