Sunday, 1 December 2013

Moving too fast

Sat in bed writing this, which, lets face it, is my favourite place to be.

Had a lovely weekend relaxing with Mr B and some friends...Now trying to get my head round what's happening this week...

I've got quite a few busy weeks coming up, which makes me ever so slightly anxious, and also a little bit forgetful.

Time seems to be whizzing past me rather quickly again, and I often feel like I'm playing a big game of catch up...

Almost getting there, but just not quite. Its frustrating.


Such is life.

And the ominous big 'C' is looming up ahead of me, which frankly, I'm just trying not to think about.

Although that seems to be quite hard as every time I switch on the telly I'm reminded of it. Or go into a shop. Or have a meal at a restaurant.

The Italian place I went for lunch today was playing Christmas music, which even though it is the 1st of December, still seems far too early.

Mr B calls me the Grinch, but you know what, I quite like the Grinch. He's a misunderstood character in my book, so you know, I don't really mind. And he has some pretty snazzy footwear, which I would quite like to borrow. Although I'm not sure I could pull them off as well as he does....


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