Friday, 27 December 2013

Hold onto light.

Tis the season to forget what day it is.

But I know I have work tomorrow, so I reckon its Saturday.

I'm feeling pretty washed out and tired, its been as crazy a week as expected. But good fun too. Mama Pig pretending to be a spider in charades was a definite highlight. As was some super presents from Mr B. I really don't deserve that top banana of a boyfriend.

I've found some things particularly tough this week, but I don't want to grumble and sound ungrateful. The main thing I need to remember is that I've battled through things and I'm still here.

Going to midnight mass with Daddy Pig helped give me the chance to reflect and meditate, I'm so glad I went. Mr B and I also went for a walk today across the fields, and it felt lovely to be outside in the glorious space of nature. No-one else was even around, just us two, it was bliss. Although I did almost slip in the mud which would have been nothing short of a disaster darling. (Apologies for my awful impression of Craig Revel Horwood.)

I have been thinking of all the different Christmas's (that's a lots of s's, not sure my grammar is quite right...) that people are experiencing this year... Particularly the lovely Richards family, who haven't got their beloved Luke with them.

My nephew was listening to Rule the World by Take That on Xmas day and I couldn't stop my tears from falling. The song was played at Lukes funeral, and I guess it will always make me think of him now, along with quite a few other songs...


So bright.

Light in a world of darkness.

I guess that's what we have to hold onto.


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