Sunday, 22 December 2013

Block it out

Gosh darn-it, I cant seem to keep track of the days at the moment. The weeks just seem to be flying past me in some sort of dizzy Christmas blur.

I've been spending my time working... and what else, I cant even remember. Oh I went Christmas shopping too. And consumed a few glasses of the old wine. But honestly, not really sure what else I've done. My mind has been very forgetful lately.

My eyes are so tired tonight I can barely keep them open...yawn. Early to bed me thinks.

Before I do that though, I've been thinking a lot about how this time of year is difficult for so many people.

You might be unwell.

In mind or in body.

You might be away from your family.

Or perhaps you don't have a family.

You might be missing a loved one who has passed away.

Your heart might be broken.

You might have lost your job.

Or you might be lost yourself.

I know I find it tough, and sometimes I think I'm the only one who struggles to find Christmas cheer. But I'm not.

I know many people find it hard, yet all the bright colours, dreadful Christmas music and general festival stuff bamboozles us and it can feel like a slap in the face.

Especially Michael Buble, he is the absolute worst for bamboozling.

I am rather tired, and so perhaps not making the most sense in the world. I just want to bring a tiny particle of hope and light, to those who are sitting in the darkness. I want them to know that things won't stay the same. That they are not alone in the darkness.

 Just take things day by day. Block out the Christmas trash, and remember that Christmas should be a time of peace and hope. Two small words that might just help get us through this crazy

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