Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Another place.

Just got time to do a little bit of blogging before I pop out and see Mr B for the evening.

 Yesterday and today I cancelled all my plans, as I have work tomorrow, and then Luke's funeral on Friday.

Feeling utterly overwhelmed by life at the moment, so trying to be as kind to my mind as possible.

The black dog always likes to bark when you're at your most vulnerable...So I'm trying my best to shut him up. I know he's nipping at my toes recently as I've been a lot more paranoid than normal. A sure sign that he has decided to take up residence in my brain for a while. Bastard.

I started off the day with the intention of cleaning my times...However, after a while an image in my brain began to niggle, so I decided not to ignore it, and got out my trusty paints and brushes.

It felt good to get immersed in painting again. It shuts everything else out of my mind, and I love that. I become totally engrossed, and somehow take myself into a different place. A calmer, more colourful place.

Ooh I think I can hear Mr B's car outside, so I must dash....


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