Sunday, 4 August 2013

Have you heard the news?

Well, here I am on a rainy Sunday evening, surrounded by a whole pile of mess.


Itching to tidy the place up, but my body is a little tired after my cycling adventure this afternoon.

Yes, that's right, I did some exercise today. Voluntarily as well. Wowzers.

And, I should probably add, that I quite enjoyed it. Especially as it involved the company of Mr B, with a rest stop that served diet coke and chocolate brownies.


I think its also about time that I should fill you all in on a secret that I've been keeping up my sleeve this week...

I've started working again!

That's right, after 2 and a half long years, I've got myself a little part time job. I had a trial on Thursday, which went splendidly.

The job is at my local hairdressers, and I'm kind of a general assistant, washing hair, making tea, all that kind of jazz.

Its all happened rather suddenly, but after my trial day on Thursday, I believe its the right thing for me. The girls who work there are so friendly and helpful, and I hope it will be the right place for me to just gain a bit of confidence. To gradually get me back into the working world. Which after 2 and a half years, seems like a pretty overwhelming and scary place.

But, its a step in the right direction. And I think, as always, focusing on the small steps I take each day is the right way to think about it all. Because as soon as I start thinking about the big picture of MY LIFE, I get totally freaked out and want to hide under my duvet forever.

As its a part time job, it also means I can continue with my art and all that wonderful creative stuff which is so important to me.

So, there we go, that's the big news. Should of been on the front cover of every newspaper, I know, but I decided that the exclusive interview should go to you. My wonderful readers, because without your support and encouragement, I wouldn't be here at all....As always, THANK YOU xxx

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