Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Waves of memories

Well, I'm attempting to upload a video that I found today as I was trawling through my massive archive of photographs and videos from the past couple of years.

Now I've got my snazzy new computer I can do things like that you see. Its rather fun.

Particularly when you treat yourself to a mouse from Asda, for the bargain price of £3.50. (NB not a real mouse of course, I'm sure they are much more expensive and would be liable to chew through your new computer cables.)

Anyway, when this video eventually loads up, I hope you will have a little gander and just stop whatever you're doing for a minute.

It was taken on a beach in Aberdovy 2 years ago. And looking back, I can see how the remote scenery and bleakness of the beach reflected how I was feeling inside.

I remember spending a lot of time on that beach. Walking, sitting and just listening to the waves and the wind.

I took comfort in the space surrounding me. The infinite endlessness of the ocean ahead of me, and the strong dark mountains behind me.

In moments of anxiety back at home, I remember taking out my camera and watching this video again and again. Repeating the scene in my mind enabled me to feel grounded and to feel some inner calm.

Might sound slightly strange to you, or might make perfect sense...


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