Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hen hen hen!

Here is most cheesy and quickest poem I’ve ever written…

But it pretty much sums up my past few days……

Laura’s Liverpool Hen,

A whole weekend without the men.

Curry then Mr and Mrs Quiz,

It all felt very showbiz.

A tour on the duck,

Meant that we were in luck.

We weren’t in the water,

Hazel, I looked after your daughter!

Then time for some tea,

Scones, cake (dairy-free for me!)

Chris was our butler in the buff,

And he certainly didn’t look  rough….


Wine, shots, and cocktails too,

Games with Chris (whom we all tried to woo.)

Dancing and laughter,

These hens all deserve a Bafta!

A few sore heads today,

But we soon found our way…

Brekkers and tea from mugs,

Then goodbye kisses and hugs.



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