Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Don't turn into Gollum

Ok, so, I'm feeling pretty guilty about yesterdays scribbling's now....

But if I cant have a rant and let out some steam on my own blog, where else can I do it?!

(Running to the bottom of the garden and shouting loudly is an option, but puts me even higher up on the scale of crazy.)

We all experience moments of frustration, and in time they often pass.

But, if we don't let out this frustration and anger, I fear we will all curdle into soured milk and generally turn into bitter twisted creatures. Rather like Gollum, or something similar.

Anyway, today I've already been into Bristol to do a computer testy thing, which will soon develop into a course. (Insert small excited face here please.)

And this afternoon I'm off to have one of those scary scan things. (Insert massive scared face here please.) 

Its to check out all this back pain I've been having. I've been reassured that they will probably find nothing. However, my paranoid anxious brain is quite convinced I have a lump or a tumour or something sinister like that. Which I know sounds silly and ridiculous. But there we go. That's my strange brain for you.

For now then, toodlepip.


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