Friday, 5 April 2013

Bonnie and Clyde

After two years of "umm-ing" and "arr-ing" I have finally made a decision and bought a new computer. Wahoo!

Its all very exciting.

Its sitting there looking all sparkly and new. I don't even want to take the plastic covers off. No no.

I think this one might be my friend.

All I need to do is work out how on earth to use it....

Until then I shall share with you a wonderful piece of writing that I discovered in Bath this week.

Theres an American Museum in Bath, and for those of you who know me well, know that I am pretty obsessed with all things Stateside. So much so that I actually like to think of myself as part American (from Virginia, if you want a precise location..) Anyway this museum is really ace, top banana, loads of interesting American stuff, and at the moment they have a great exhibition on called 'Gangsters and Gunslingers'.

I love all the cowboy and indian stuff (Calamity Jane is my hero), so this exhibition really gave me an insight into all those great characters. Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok to name just a few.

Then I moved onto the Bonnie and Clyde partnership. Two iconic names that I didn't really know much about, well, apart from the fact that they raced around the country killing lots of people. So I was surprised to see a small notebook belonging to Bonnie Parker that was filled with her poetry. It was filled with words, funny anecdotes, love poems and observations. This is the poem that really stood out for me....

Poetry from 'Lifes other side' by Bonnie Parker, 1932

I'll stay

...I'll cling to you and love you,
and you'll never be alone.

Just like the stars in heaven,
being around the moon at night.

I'll stay with you forever,
whether you are wrong or right.

Just like the perfume lingers,
on a rose until it dies,

I'll stay with you and guide you,
with the love light in my eyes....

Her words resonate with me, just for their sheer honesty. I know little about her character, apart from the crime that she was involved with, but through this poem you are allowed into a very feminine, loyal and personal space. They do not match up with the persona of a female criminal gangster. But perhaps that's why they have intrigued me so much.

Despite actions and appearances, we all keep so much hidden below the surface. Our exterior and interior personalities can often contrast, clash even.  I wonder, what are we hiding? Why are we hiding it...?

Something to think about and explore perhaps.....!


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