Thursday, 10 January 2013


Cockadoodledooooo! Whats that? Is it a hen??

Oh no, its a cockerel actually.


I was trying to portray the noise of a busy little hen because with my multiple bridesmaid duties at the moment I think I'm beginning to sprout wings. Its really very exciting. I always wanted wings.

Just wish I could make the appropriate hen noise.

So what else has she been doing apart from making the wrong clucking noises? (I hear you ask...) Well I shall tell you...

I have been getting ready for an exhibiton that I'm part of in March. (I don't mean my actual body is part of the exhibition, I'm not displaying my toenail clippings or anything....)

I'm part of this fantastic, most amazing group of visual artists and poets called 'Tiny Monuments'. And we're exhibiting at the Bath Literature Festival (4th-9th March.) Eek. J.K.Rowling may be headlining, but we're there all week. Yeah, take that J.K.

Anyway, I just thought I would mention it, just incase you are bored in March... At a loose end perhaps, and maybe, just maybe, you might pop along and see me and my buddies. Its quite exciting. These wings are really beginning to grow....


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