Monday, 7 January 2013

Monday morning blues

Do you ever feel like you have a million things to do but you don't feel like doing any of them?

And then you're racked with guilt for not doing them. Or doing anything productive generally.

But its not that you just don't feel like doing them... feel isn't the right word really.

Because actually, your mind and body are totally zapped of energy, and the only thing that appeals to you is sitting in a comfy chair and staring out of the window. Or going back to bed. Which wasn't an option for me today as my Mama was blasting out Take That at full volume from the kitchen. I never ever complain about Take That being played loudly (Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard, if you're reading, please don't take offence. I love you all dearly, but not when I'm trying to have extra sleepy time.)

Today has been a lonnnnnng day. (Sorry, I could not resist adding those extra nnnnn's, they just really reflect how long the day has been. Yeah. Who needs similies and metaphors when you can just add extra letters to make your descriptive point?!)

I think someone got a special evil hoover in the night, snuck into my room, attached it to my ear and sucked out all my energy and positive juices.

Yeah. That's definitely what happened.


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  1. It is so so hard knowing that the next morning is just going to be like ground hog day ...its not just being tired it as if your head is stuck in ablack cloud