Sunday, 16 December 2012

what are YOU doing tonight?

Through my superduper telepathic powers I reckon you (yes YOU dear reader) are experiencing (or have recently experienced) one of the following.....

a) watching sports personality of the year and wishing that Andy Murray had cracked a smile (I bet his Mum Judy wasn't feeling so proud tonight when she saw her Mr Grumpy Chops on the box.)

b) just put up your Christmas tree, and uploaded a photo of it to facebook, because, like, flipping heck, yours is the best Christmas tree in the WORLD and all the sparkly lights make you feel SO CHRISTMASSY

c) you're massively hungover after your work Christmas party last night and are a little bit worried about facing your colleagues tomorrow

d) panicking about all the Christmas presents you've still got to buy (or is that just me, and the rest of the world is weirdly organised?)


e) you have been caught out by the current coughing/sneezing/sore throat/ vomiting bug...And you're lying in bed wishing that you could watch the sports personality of the year whilst decorating the Christmas tree with a hangover and panic about the gift buying...

As for me, I'm kind of somewhere between d and e, a bit panicky , and a bit poorly!


1 comment:

  1. Very perceptive lovely,
    I'm watching the SPOTY, next to the Christmas tree, full of cough and cold, a little panicky about a whole lot of revision and work I need to get done... back to it I guess, big days ahead this week.
    take care xx