Sunday, 9 December 2012

Thank you

Back on the sofa in my pyjamas after a super duper lovely weekend in Manchester.

Highlights included the girls beating the boys on the wii,stuffing my face with chocolate cake and sausage rolls, doing an impromptu gang man style followed by fits of giggles....and generally laughing my socks off with my bestest buddies!

Lowlights included attempting to down a j├Ąger bomb (and failing miserably) and a silly driver whacking into the side of Mr B's car on the way home.....

I don't want to be too much of a drama queen, but it was pretty scary. Luckily Mr B and I are safe and sound, and the car isn't badly damaged. But the sound of the banging cars still seems to be ringing in my ears. And the muppet who rammed into us said he was having a sneezing fit....Detective Piggott may have to be on the case again....

Anyway, there are those who will mock be,but I believe that angels were protecting us this afternoon. I always say a little prayer before a journey, and I thank God that he was listening to me today.

It reiterates what I've been trying to hold onto for the past year. To be thankful for every moment I'm given. To be grateful for every person in my life. To be blessed, yes blessed to have gone through the darkness of depression, because it makes the light shine even brighter.

Thank you


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