Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Messy Christmas

I'm really struggling what to write this evening....

Should it be something heartfelt and perhaps a little bit sentimental? As its Christmas eve and all....

Or perhaps a witty story to make you all chuckle.

Maybe even a reflective passage, remembering those who are alone or in pain this Christmas.

Too much choice for Susie. Oh well, I shall have to just verbally dribble over you all instead.

But... Why do I put these pressures on myself?? To write a really good blog entry. Or make the best roast potatoes. Or to make sure everyone else is happy and OK, leaving my own needs to one side...

I tell you what, these pressures send me crazy sometimes. And its all in my own head. Not from anywhere else. Well, sometimes I think its from other places or people but that's usually just me being paranoid. Whoops.

Its so silly. Because I cant make everyone better or make everything go perfectly. Its out of my control. And the world would probably be a bit boring if it was perfect. (It would be really tidy though which would make me very happy...)

Christmas gets messy, people get stressed, upset, tired, ill... clothes get dirty, presents get lost, drinks get spilt, but it doesn't really matter. I expect the first Christmas wasnt very perfect. Mary probably was about to slap Joseph in the face for making her pop out a baby in a stinky stable. Joseph was probably covered in blood and gunk after delievering the baby. And the little baby Jesus, well, I bet he was freezing in that manger, and all that straw probably gave him hayfever for life. But it didn't matter. Amongst all the shit, a shining light came into the world.

So I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Messy Christmas.

Lets throw wrapping paper around every room,
May someone drop a glass (preferably plastic),
May the napkins catch fire (harming no-one),
And may you forget to buy batteries for the new toys.


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