Wednesday, 5 December 2012

its beginning to look a lot like christmas.....


The trees are up, the decorations are sparkling and the lights are twinkling from every corner of the house.

Mama Pig even let me decorate BOTH of the trees. Usually I am banished to my own little tree where I like to hang all the old sentimental decs up.

It does look a little bit like Christmas has thrown up all over the tree, but in a jolly way. In a, its so bad its good kind of way....

But I was actually allowed to have free reign over the main tree too this year. What an honour. And although it was tempting to go crazy with the baubles I stayed within the colour theme (silver and white) and I didn't dare to even whisper the word tinsel. Its forbidden in our house...

I also dug out my Grandpa's favourite Christmas tape, Jim Reeves, and had a good old sing song.

Last night I was feeling decidedly shitty, with my mind spiralling, and the horrible word of failure refusing to budge from my brain. Luckily Mr B saved the day.  He talked things through with me, and generally calmed me down, reassured me and put a smile back on my face. He really is a top banana.

However, this morning, the black dog was barking once more. I managed to go to my art group but afterwards came back with a splitting headache and went straight to sleep for an hour.

It was only after Mama suggested we raided the loft for the Christmas stuff that I began to feel better again.

This year is going to be different.

I know it.


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