Tuesday, 6 November 2012

exciting new things

I'm sat here waiting for my lift to stitch and bitch, so this entry may end a little abruptly...

We don't bitch at stitch and bitch, and I don't do that much stitchi....

...Yes well, that was last nights attempt at blogging, and as I suspected it ended before I could finish my sentence!

But today has been a new day, and a good day too.

I've started yet another course, this one is run through Bath College and its really rather good. Its all about writing, and although that sounds vague, its helping me to have a bit more focus.

Its also inspired me to add a few more bells and whistles onto this site.

There is now a lovely helpful search box to the right -------->

So if you wanted to look at what my experiences are of panic attacks for example, just type it in the box, and hey presto it magically produces the entries when I've written about panic attacks. Or perhaps you want to know more about my love of shoes, or diet coke, just type it in and all will be revealed.

I've also added a second page, the 'Gallery' (ha, my own gallery, how posh that sounds!) Its very basic at the moment, but if you fancy looking at some of my work, or some things that inspire me, have a little browse on that page.

But for now, I must get back to my cleaning. Oh joy. Although I seem to have diverted myself from cleaning and I'm doing more clearing out, which I actually love. Chucking away things, discovering some gems in the bottom of handbags and drawers (so far I've found a vimto lolly and 10 euros...who knows whats next!) I've also rediscovered my amazing fingerless gloves, which make me feel like Fagin...cheerio but be back soon!!


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