Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Just treated myself to a Marks and Spencer ready meal for tea. Mainly because I was feeling super lazy and I'm so sick of constantly cleaning the kitchen!

I think the chefs at M and S got a bit over excited when adding the garlic though. I'm going to need to brush my teeth about 10 times before leaving the house again. Ah well, still not as time consuming as washing the dishes.

I ticked like 5 things off my list today, pretty impressive work I'd say.

There was something really important I was going to write about tonight, but it has vanished from my brain, again.....

Attached is my latest couple of paintings that I've been working on...... They are originally inspired by the patterns and tone from tree bark, but also allowed me to express light pushing through darkness...something I'm experiencing at the moment. And very happy to be seeing the light too!!! Apologies if you're friends with me on facebook and you've already had to look at them once today....!


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