Friday, 31 August 2012

in the summertime

After 6 weeks away, Mama and Papa Piglet have finally returned home. Its lovely to have them back, and has given me a chance to reflect on the last 6 weeks....

The last time I saw my counsellor I was getting into a bit of a pickle about the forthcoming summer. I  was feeling guilty and obligated to achieve certain things and generally getting my knickers in a twist.  She stopped me mid flow and said to me, " Susie, you put too much pressure on yourself, just enjoy your summer."

Wise words Mrs Counsellor lady, wise words.

I have taken what she said and attempted to make the most of each day. I've tried not to worry about the future, but instead concentrated my efforts in finding little bits of joy and pleasure in things around me.

The warmth of the sun on my arms after weeks of rain. Dancing like a maniac, arms and legs everywhere and not caring what anyone thinks. Laughing uncontrollably at stupid things (like when I fell arse first into the swimming pool...) Cooking a meal for myself and knowing that it contains at least 2 vegetables. Smashing my mini targets on the rowing machine and pretending I'm in the Olympic final. Finding an image in my mind and somehow managing to transfer it into a painting. Smoking cigarettes listening to radio 2 (yes I'm old now) and watching the world go by. Rekindling my love affair with malibu and diet coke, which somehow results in not getting a hangover (massive bonus!) Making decisions on my own and not feeling scared about them. Finally realising how important hugs are, and how much I like them.

A few people have told me that they're really proud of me for what I've achieved this summer. I'm not very good at accepting compliments. And I don't think proud is really the right word. But I'm certainly glad that I've enjoyed my summer. Never thought I would. So thats got to be a good thing....and perhaps, no not perhaps, definitly progress has been made....


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