Friday, 13 July 2012

top tip for friday

Anyone else been building up excess angst and frustration?

Here's my top tip for you...

Take an hour out of your day and pop down to your local driving range.

It helps if you've been given some vague instructions else you will end up not hitting the ball and feeling even more frustrated. (I speak from experience....)

But in the hope that you have been taught how to hit the ball, get yourself about 50 of them, and smack them to your hearts content.

Hit hit hit.

Whack whack whack.

And feel the tension fading out from your shoulders.

Release those beasts and smash some balls.

Go crazy and imagine people you dislike have turned into golf balls.

Or think about all the things in your life that piss you off.

Its a simple little tip, but it does really help me.

Equally, chopping a tree down has the same effect but is a tad more destructive. And I quite like trees. If I chopped one down every time I felt like this, Saltford would now be a  tree free desert land, which would be bad.


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