Monday, 16 July 2012

repetitive conversations driving me crazy

Whilst its great that I'm getting out and about on a more regular basis now, I can't seem to avoid a certain conversation, and quite frankly, its doing my head in.

And this is how it seems to go.......

New person/old acquaintance I haven't seen for a while: "So Susie, what is it you do then?"

Me: "Well, its a bit of  long story but I'm off work at the moment."

Acquaintance: "Oh really, why's that?"

Me: (inwardly sighing) "Erm well, like I said, its a long story but I haven't been very well..."

Acquaintance then looks me up and down to check that I haven't got any body parts missing or a suspicious looking infectious rash. When they can't spot anything they begin to look confused.

Acquaintance: "Sorry to hear that, whats been the matter?"

Me: (wishing the floor would swallow me up so I could avoid this conversation) "I've had depression and anxiety."

Acquaintance: "Oh right...(looks uncomfortable) so what are you going to do next then? Are you looking for a job? What would you like to do?"



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