Thursday, 5 July 2012

fly me to the moon (or portugal)

For anyone who didn't quite hear me shouting about it last night....I'll fill you in....

I booked a holiday!!


Excitement and anxiety mixed together in a big ball of craziness.

17 days until take off....where a sunbed and beach in Portugal await me (and hopefully a large glass of wine...)

I haven't been away for about 2 years, so I really think I deserve this little break. And I definitely need the sunshine.

Its a MASSIVE step for me. Would never have been able to do this last year.

Its not going to be the easiest journey though, seeing as I hate flying, airports, confined spaces and being anywhere I can't smoke or knit (how mean, you can't take knitting needles on a plane!)

Oh well, its going to be a fun journey for my travel pal Cat!

Lucky gal!

I really am the worst travelling companion. I have to be at the airport about 3 hours before take off. I cant sit still. I jump around at every announcment. Its like I've got ants in my pants. Or tics in my knics.

I have to check my bag a MILLION times, and I pretty much don't relax until I have reached my destination and I'm zonked out on my bed.

Luckily we're flying at night, so I think I'll just have a sneaky sleeping tablet. Then Cat will just have to scrape me off the airport floor, as I stumble through customs in a zombie like state.

Oh crap just noticed the time. I need to eat tea.

Coco pops?

I think so!


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  1. That's brilliant! Hope that you have a totally amazing time and that you get the r&r that you're searching for! Also hope that the journey is not too stressful for you.
    I wish I had some coco pops now!
    Take care