Friday, 29 June 2012

keep focused sooz

Oh thank goodness I am feeling normal (ish) again today.

Yesterday I was stuck in my bed with an agonising migraine, stomach ache, and a crazy temperature.

Proper yuk.

But thanks to great friends and copius amounts of lucozade, I'm feeling soooooo much better now.

Still dont have very much energy though..and the house somehow seems to be getting filthier by the minute, but I just haven't got the strength to do anything about it today.

Which is quite unlike me, I usually love a bit of obsessive cleaning.


I need to find an sitting down activity that doesnt need any brain or muscle power.... perhaps a little bit of sketching...hopefully that will keep my mind focused too....I can feel the black dog scratching at my heels...need to keep him away.....


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